StartMoney Fundusz Zalążkowy

StartMoney Fundusz Zalążkowy


Our investments

StartMoney Investment Fund, run by the High-Tech Accelerator the University of Lodz Foundation, has four investments up to date. A computer games in free to play mode, a website facilitating purchase and sale of used cars, diagnostic genetic tests, and an innovative speech recognition and conversion software  - these are the so far the investments of StartMoney Fund.

By February 2014 we are planning on further 7 to 10 investments.

Our investments so far:

Freeky Games Sp. z o.o. – an innovative company operating in the market of console computer games.  The company will be producing free to play games, and its first product will be a game called Deathmatch Village designed for PlayStation consoles.  With the money raised from StartMoney Fund Freeky Games will produce and bring this first game to the market. Release of the Deathmatch Village is expected sometime in early September of 2013.

AutoGo+ Sp. z o.o. – the company wants to be fulfilling needs and solving problems of cars owners when it comes to: effective and comfortable sale, safe and profitable purchasing of used cars, and using various services connected with car exploitation. It is an innovative and unique solution, as it connects internet activity with field sales network that will be available in the entire territory of Poland.

A wide range of innovative services delivered by AutoGo+ answers the needs of a large group of clients – car owners. Services delivered by the company will regulate Polish market of used cars trade, and make it professional. AutoGo+ services will be available from September 2013, firstly in Małopolska region and later in the entire Poland.

Biogenetica Laobratories Sp. z o.o.– an innovative company specializing in genetic diagnostic testing. With the StartMoney Fund investment a state of the art laboratory will be opened in Poznan, where R&D work will be carried out, and samples of genetic codes from patients from all over Europe will be analyzed. In further stages tests will be sold to doctors, outpatients clinics, health centers, hospitals and similar units.

First genetic diagnostic tests are meant for dermatological conditions – acne, male and female balding, cellulite, psoriatic arthritis, and genital herpes. Poznań laboratory will be analyzing samples from patients from the entire territory of Poland, as well as from clinics and hospitals from Western Europe, Scandinavian and Baltic Region Countries, Slovakia and Hungary. As a result of few years long cooperation of scientists from Poland and United States, the laboratory will also be running research and development on further tests – for example cardiac tests.

Biogenetica tests will help doctors decide whether a patient belongs to a high-risk group for certain diseases well before patient develops any symptoms, which helps choose the best possible treatment and avoid potential complications.

With the tests it is possible to check individual predispositions of a patient to many diseases, and determine individual sensitivity to medicines, which enables early preventions, and allows choose the best possible treatment for potential, or already ill patients, as all predispositions to diseases as well as reaction to drugs are written down in our DNA. Biogenetica tests will be the best method of prevention, and a tool of choosing the best possible treatment for each patient.

SmartMobile Sp. z o. o. – an innovative software for speech recognition and speech convert to text, for Polish, English and Spanish languages.

The company will also create software tools for making mobile applications for Android, which will be using speech recognition and convert technology for data input, and voice apps control.

The main aim of the company is to deliver latest technological solutions for companies and institutions, which will use them for voice communication between the user and devices. Tools created by SmartMobile make it possible to quickly and efficiently create new type of reliable and date-processing safe commercial applications for mobile devices without the keyboard. Such applications, as a natural way of data steering and inputting, will be using speech recognition and speech conversion to text.

StartMoney Investment Fund was opened under the project „Akcelerator Technologii Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego Venture - ATUŁ Venture”. The project is co-financed from European Union, European Regional Development Fund, Operational Program Innovative Economy 2007-2013.